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27:minut innovative personal trainingPublished: 12 March 2019

EMS + CRYOtherapy Studio

Innovative personal training you will love !!!
The maximum effectiveness of training with a minimum excersize time - a new proposition for the most demanding.

27:minut - innowacyjny trening, który pokochasz!

The 27-minute program is dedicated to everyone, regardless of age and condition, whether your goal is to reduce body fat, sculpt the body, fight cellulite, improve motor speed or increase muscle mass.

27:minut - innowacyjny trening, który pokochasz!

The CrySpace session completes the 27-minute workout.

27:minut - sesja CryoSpace.

The cryotherapy treatment lasts up to 3 minutes and supports physiological and psychological healing processes of the body. The cryotherapy treatment is analgesic and anti-inflammatory. It improves the mood, refines skin firmness and regulates the hormonal balance. One treatment is an additional loss of 400 kcall !!!


Visit our brand new location in Plac Unii on FLOOR +1

Lokalizacja 27:minut na poziomie +1 w Placu Unii. Zapraszamy!