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Mokotowskie Spotkania - Special Christmas Edition!16 December 2015 - 22 December 2015

Mokotowskie Spotkania will make this year's gifts unique!

Polish brands under the Christmas tree!

Who among us does not dream of finding the most unique and original gifts for our loved ones this coming Christmas? Especially for this very occasion Mokotowskie Spotkania and Plac Unii City Shopping organize a very special, Christmas edition of Mokotowskie Spotkania. A week before Christmas, December 16th through 22nd local brands fair - Mokotowskie Spotkania will take place for the ninth time in the modern and stylish interiors of Plac Unii City Shopping. The event will be attended by 50 exhibitors, including representatives of fashion, producers of accessories and add-ons. You will be able to shop at domestic, organic producers, for cosmetics, books, or even browse through goods offered by the very famous Warsaw's antique shop.

Mokotowskie Spotkania present a unique and unmatched opportunity to look for unusual gifts for your loved ones, all in a wonderful Christmas and a cozy atmosphere. Past editions of Mokotowskie Spotkania have proved that they are not only a fashion event. It is also an opportunity to shop and talk with exhibitors of eco industry (cosmetics, food), designers and small, indigenous firms producing toys and apparel for children.

Over the last few months Mokotowskie meetings demonstrated themselves as an initiative bringing together a community of Warsaw, which is interested in conscious consumption.

We invite all those who appreciate localism, craftsmanship and products of best quality! And at this particular time of the year, we encourage you to trust small, local companies and craftsmen and place their creations under your Christmas tree. Our loved ones will appreciate the unique gifts, that carry the story of talented Polish designers and companies. Because of the nature of our exhibitors, they will sure be happy to tell you about products and give best advise, so that your gifts will be a sure hit.

See you at the Special Christmas Edition of Mokotowskie Spotkania!

Among Exhibitors you will find:


A'ya        16-22.12
Aleksandra Markowska       16-22.12
Cochin       16-22.12
Dear john       16-22.12
Intensi       16-20.12
Joann Grey       16-18.12
Kocham cię szycie       16-22.12
La cocco       16-22.12
La woman       16-22.12
Lc Lucja       16-22.12
Me &bags       16-20.12
My signature       16-20.12
Pracownia FIO       16-18.12
Puloveros       19-20.12
Reinkreacja       16-18.12
Spider&wolf       16-22.12
Stylowo       16-22.12
TCITY       16-22.12
AMX       16-20.12
Dzień dobry       16-22.12
Backstg       19-22.12
Oak Bags       21-22.12


BOSKA        16-18 i 21-22
brazi        16-22.12
Detox design        16-18 i 21-22
Drobiny czasu        16-22.12
Dynadało        16-22.12
Kulka        16-22.12
La Gatta        16 i 21-22.12
M'aime       16-22.12
Moma by Moma        16-18-21-22.12
VIRGO        16-22.12
Beata Witosławska        18-22.12
Selfie Store        16-17.12
Galeria Bozka        16-22.12


Dress you up       16-22.12
Dziuki        16-18.12
Flow gab        19-20.12
Guga Baby         19-22.12
LAMALA         16-22.12
Memola         16-18
Stange Lowe         16-22.12
You'n'me        21-22.12
Poolka look         18-20.12
Kids on point         16-22.12


Mokosh        16-22.12


Eneduerabe        17-18 12
Książka dla każdego        16-22.12


Kredens Smaku        16-22.12