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Mokotowskie Spotkania - November06 November 2015 - 07 November 2015

Mokotowskie Spotkania- Meet unique Polish brands!

Fashionably. Locally. Consciously

Mokotowskie Spotkanie are held in modern and stylish interiors of Plac Unii City Shopping, monthly meetings held in modern and stylish spaces of Union Square Shopping City. This November the event will be hosted here for the seventh time, making it a cyclic happening worth marking in the calendar. Over the last seven months Mokotowskie Spotkania demonstrated itself as an initiative which unites the local community interested in conscious consumption in the heart of Mokotów – Plac Unii City Shopping.

This initiative has evolved tremendously over the past few months.  Almost 40 exhibitors participated in October edition of Mokotowskie Spotkania presenting their unique collections and products. The seventh edition, which will take place on 6th and 7th of November, abounds in a variety of brands, so with no doubt , everyone will find something special for themselves.

What's more, Mokotowskie Spotkania proved that combining chain store fashion with designer collections is great fun and results in extraordinary and unique effects. Importantly, Mokotowskie Spotkania isn’t just fashion, but chance to shop and talk with exhibitors of eco industry (cosmetics, food), designers and small, family run companies producing goods for children.

November’s, the 7th edition of Mokotowskie Spotkania will include exhibitors such as:
Aleksandra Markowska/ Mozcau/ Hand Made by Doro- Dolls/ Dyndadło/ Happy Binko/ My signature/ Stylowo Sandra Morawska/ Kli-jo/ Joann Grey/ LAMALA/ Pracownia Bubaków/ Książka dla Każdego- antykwariat/ Stange Lowe/ Brazi/ Styl Em/ Wojciechowska Collection/ BOSKA/ Sigil Jewels/ Darksus/ Pradelle/ Kulka/ Miapka Design/ Biust i Gust/ Modsly/ Detox design/ Silly Design/ Pilu Pila/ La Voga Size Plus/ Reinkreacja/ Shop my mood/ Drobiny Czasu/ Me &bags/ Lc lucja/ Indygo/ EQUILIBRE

We invite all residents of Warsaw, especially those related to the Mokotów, who value the local community, good quality products, seeking new initiatives and interesting events in the environment of their neighbourhood.