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Term Service Cologne invites you to the first meeting26 February 2016 - 28 February 2016

New approach to skin aging.
On 26.02.2016 r. at 17.30 PARADOXE invites you to its salon in PLACU UNII CITY SHOPPING, LEVEL +1

Program: 26.02.2016 r. 17.30 – 18.30


  • How and why we age - Janusz Zdzitowiecki MD.
  • Danish medical cosmetics Beauté Pacifique for anti aging therapy- Silvia Hagard MD, Denmark.

Medical Examination - 26.02.2016 – 28.02.2016 r. at 11.00 through 20.00

  • Specialized ultrasound skin diagnosis followed by the selection of medical Beauté Pacifique cosmetics based on the ultrasound image.
  • After the test, each participant will receive a set of mini products and samples of Beauté Pacifique medical cosmetics matched to the individual needs of the skin.

Lecturers and consultants

Prominent specialists in aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery, and medical cosmetology from Denmark and Poland.
Participation in lectures and consulting is free of charge.

Why do the ultrasound of the skin?

  • because the naked eye can not see what is happening deep within the skin, where the problems begin,
  • because only on the basis of this examination specialist can assess the actual condition of the skin,
  • because only then cosmetics and treatments are chosen to target your individual needs,
  • because now it is free of charge, while the market price of the examination is 120 zł.

What are the benefits of the ultrasound of the skin?

  • based on examination results the specialist assesses the condition of the skin, its thickness, quantity and quality of collagen fibers, and youth activity of fibroblasts, the architecture of the blood vessels and other parameters.

Due to the limited amount of available openings we encourage you to confirm your participation:
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